Gift card

Outside Collection

Make a gift of one or several Orageuse sewing pattern(s) ! See the detailed instructions for use by clicking on the “more info” link below.



  • Choose the number of sewing patterns you want to add to your gift card in the drop-down menu. The amount is automatically calculated (based on pattern unit price at € 8.50).
  • When you are ready, add the gift card to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart, click on the « check out » button. At the bottom of the check-out page, select your settings : you can either receive the gift code on your own e-mail address, or send it directly to a friend, with a personal message.
  • Once the sending information has been given, tick the « terms and conditions » box and click on the « place order » button. The gift card email will be sent immediately.

Validity and terms of use

  • The gift card does not have an expiration date. It can thus be used for further purchases (from the next collection for instance). The recipient can also use the gift card’s amount for several purchases, until its credit amount has been fully used. .
  • The « my account » section has now a new sub-section named « gift cards » in which you can see all the gift cards that you have received and which are still active.