General terms and conditions

Please note that the following translation in English is explanatory only to help non-French speaking customers understand the broad meaning of our general terms and conditions. In case of a legal dispute, only the French version is valid. French law also applies in any case.

1- Field of application

Every sale made via this website

This website is published by the Orageuse company (RCS Paris 819 939 190).

2- Acceptance of terms and conditions

The following terms are accessible any time on our website at, as required by French law in the French Consumer Code, the « Code de la consommation ».

No order can be placed without accepting these terms. No other terms are valid regarding this website.
When placing an order, the customer has to click on the box entitled « I’ve read and I accept the terms & conditions ». By ticking this box, the customer confirms he/she has read the terms and that he/she accepts them without reserve.


Orageuse has the right to modify the following terms, as long as they remain available on its website.
Orageuse has the right to cancel any order made by a customer with whom a previous dispute has occurred relating to the payment of any previous order.
Orders are automatically recorded by the website, and those records only will establish proof of the content, date and price valid at the time the order was made.
When an order is completed on the website, the customer will receive an e-mail sent to the address he gave during the ordering process. This e-mail officially confirms the sale.
Only the customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information he/she has communicated during the order process.

4- Price

The only valid currency on is euro (€ EUR).
Invoices are only drawn up in euros, and the sum of money indicated in euros on the invoice is the only valid price.

Euro prices are firm, excluding taxes, since Orageuse is not subject to VAT. Since our products are virtual or dematerialized, there are no extra fees, except for the possible fee that your bank may charge, for which Orageuse is not responsible.

5- Payment

The final price is the one that is indicated in the e-mail automatically sent to the customer after his/her purchase.
Orageuse only accepts upfront payments, made by the means provided on its website (debit cards with Payplug). Bank transfer payment is also available: the customer receives our bank account number by email after his purchase. Once the transfer is done (and visible on our account, usually after 1 to 3 working days, depending on banks and countries), a second email is sent, with the link to download the ordered pattern(s).

6- Receiving your order

Orageuse only sells pdf dematerialized sewing patterns. No physical pattern will be shipped.
When an order is complete, the customer will receive an e-mail with links he/she should follow to download the ordered products.
These products are zip files containing pdf files.
The links for purchased patterns are also available via the customer’s personal account at my account.

The customer has three attempts to download the files. If any problem occurs during this process, he/she should contact customer service using the « contact » form, available at the bottom of every page on the website.

The customer agrees not to share either the link or the files he/she has purchased, to any person, whether for free or for payment. The sewing patterns he/she has bought are exclusively for his/her own personal use.

More details and step by step instructions regarding these steps (from download to print):

7-Right to cancellation

According to French law (Consumer Code, section 6, clause L221-28), there is no cancellation period for virtual or dematerialized on-line purchases, once the buyer has been informed of this condition.

Given the type of products Orageuse sells, and given that it is impossible for the customer to guarantee that he/she has not made a copy of the files bought, if he/she sends them back to Orageuse, the customer agrees to having no right to cancellation once he/she has agreed to the terms and conditions during the order process.

However, if the customer wishes to cancel his/her order and to receive a refund, he/she can contact customer service as long as no file has been downloaded using the links he/she has received. The customer has 14 days to do this, in line with French law.

8- Responsibility

Orageuse is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage which may arise due to a person using its products incorrectly.

Once the purchase has been made, the Customer is responsible for the files received, and cannot ask for a free replacement if he/she loses or accidentally deletes the files.

9- Applicable law

Orageuse is a French company, and French law is the only applicable law.

For any dispute, the customer should first refer to Orageuse. In the event that an amicable solution is not reached, the customer should seek legal action.

Orageuse is only responsible as regards to the amount paid by the customer, in line with French law.

Only the French version of these terms are valid. This English translation is for information only.

10 – Privacy

The information needed to place an order can only be transferred to contractual partners in order to guarantee the correct roll-out of the order. Orageuse will not communicate its customer information to anyone for commercial or advertising purposes.

You can access and correct your personal information at any time : please feel free to contact us if you need any help with this issue.

11- Royalties, copyright and intellectual property

All content on the Orageuse website is protected by copyright: text, logotypes, images, photos, product etc
Using or circulating this content without written permission is strictly prohibited.
You can share some content on social networks, provided the owner/author/source (Orageuse) of this content is clearly stated (text and/or link).

Orageuse is a registered trademark, any fraudulent attempt to use it will result in legal action.

Every Orageuse product (sewing patterns, instruction leaflets, any documents available on the website) are also registered at the INPI (The National Institute for Industrial Property). Counterfeiting is strictly prohibited and any case will result in legal action being taken.

The sewing patterns sold by Orageuse are for personal use only. Any commercial use, such as selling these patterns, selling clothes made from these patterns, or the use of these patterns for sewing or dressmaking classes, is not allowed (unless a written permission is granted by Orageuse CEO).

Unauthorized copying, reproduction or circulation of Orageuse sewing patterns, be it free of charge or for profit, be it for commercial or private use, material or online, is strictly forbidden.



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Shooting team (autumn 2016)
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Shooting team for Borealis collection (winter 2017)
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Model: Audrey
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Shooting team for Muse collection (autumn 2017)
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Fashion design, set design & accessories: CT @ Orageuse
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