Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get after purchasing a Orageuse sewing pattern ?

Our patterns only exist as downloadable digital files. Once your order is placed, you will receive a link by e-mail, that leads to a zip file where you will find all you need:
– 3 bilingual English/French PDF documents that contain the sewing pattern itself. Each one offers the same information in a different printing format. The pattern is drafted in seven sizes (French sizes 34 to 46). It is full size, you can print it on any home printer, with standard A4 or US Letter paper, or at a printer’s (or copyshop), with the large format file (A0 most of the time).
– 2 instruction leaflets, one in French and the other in English. In these leaflets you will find the detailed supplies list, full measurement charts (both in centimeters and in inches for the English version), useful sewing tips, recommendations for home printing, and, of course, detailed step-by-step assembly directions. At the end of the leaflets, there is a section where you will find technical explanations on how to adapt the sewing pattern to your own measurements.

The e-mail that contains the links for downloading is entitled « your (date) order is complete – download your patterns ! ». You can also find the downloading links by connecting to your account on account/my downloads.
You will find your invoices attached to the same e-mail and downloadable in your personal account (my account/my orders).
Be careful, you can only have three attempts to download your patterns.

Please note that a detailed and illustrated user’s guide (from download to print) is available here:

How are Orageuse patterns like (paper sizes, seam allowance, pdf and so on)?

Seam allowance
Seam allowance is included on every pattern piece. It is 1cm/0.4” most of the time (a few exceptions exist, always described in the documents, for example when we recommend French seams).
The width of hems depends on the type of garment: the hems size is always mentioned in the assembly directions, and always indicated with notches on the pattern pieces.

Pattern pieces positioning
Every piece is clearly separated from the others on our patterns sheets. You can cut out immediately the pattern sheet you have just printed. Of course, if you wish to re-use the pattern later, you can always retrace the pieces.
We also paid great care to place the different sizes in a way that helps the adjustements, as described in the instructions leaflet (for example if you are between two different sizes and would like to adapt the pattern).

PDF format
Visit the “pdf user’s guide” section (see the Resources menu above) to know everything about our pdf (with step by step instructions on how to download, open, print them…).

I ordered a sewing pattern, but I haven’t received the link. What should I do ?

First, check the junk mail file in your mail box. If you can’t find the email, contact us via the contact form (link at the bottom of this page) and give us all the information you have concerning your order (your name, the date and approximate time of your order, content of your cart). We will check if we have received your payment, and if so, we will send you a new link. If not, we will contact you to help you place a new order.

I got the link, but I am not quite sure how to deal with it.

Please note that a detailed and illustrated user’s guide (from download to print) is available here:

In your mailbox, click on the link: your computer will start downloading the file(s) you ordered. If you have kept the default settings in your browser, your file, once downloaded, might be located in a folder named « downloads ». Find this folder on your computer. Inside, once the downloading process is complete, you will find a file with « orageuse » in the name and a « .zip » extension. Click twice on this folder, and select « extract all files » to unzip it. Choose a destination folder (where you want to store your new pattern on your computer) and unzip it. In the destination folder you have chosen, you will find the final pdf files, ready for use. Please note that, to open a .pdf file, you will need software such as « Acrobat reader », that you can find for free on the Internet. Before you print your files, make sure to read the related section in the instruction leaflet.

I am using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and downloading do not seam to occur...

Your device’s settings indicate a destination folder for the downloaded files: if the download occured, you should find the pattern there.
Be careful: many mobile devices do not handle the zip file format of our patterns (that include several pdf files) properly. We recommend you use a computer, at least to unzip and print our files.

Please remember that you have three attempts to download the patterns you bought: if nothing seems to happen on your tablet or phone, or if you cannot find the destination file for downloads, keep an attempt to try via a computer.

May I use the images on the Orageuse website ?

No, this is not possible. The photographs, logos, images and texts on our website are original creations, that belong to Orageuse and to their authors. They are NOT royalty-free. You cannot use them without our written agreement, and using them for any commercial purpose is strictly forbidden.
If your request is press-related, please ask us via the contact form (link at the bottom of this page).

May I sell the clothes I made with Orageuse sewing patterns ?

No, our sewing patterns are registered designs. You may only use them for personal sewing activities.
You cannot sell clothes made from our patterns, either in stores or online, whether in a professional or amateur capacity.

We granted a special authorization to the CAPSUL Studio project (allowing them to sell clothes made from our designs). This authorization is based on a legal and detailed contact that includes a fair pay for Orageuse.

I would like to work for Orageuse (or to be a trainee)

Unfortunately, there are no positions available at the moment.

I would like to be part of the pattern testing team

Use the contact form (link at the bottom of the page) and please indicate your contact details and your main measurements (your size in Orageuse measurement chart + bust, waist and hip). We will contact you if your profile matches our needs in line with the current testing team.

There is no answer to my request in this section.

If you have read the FAQs, the instruction leaflet and the Resources section (for technical issues), please send your request via the contact form (link below). We will do our best to answer as helpfully as we can.