The sewing skill required
to sew our patterns

Start sewing !

Even though our sewing patterns are not actual sewing lessons, we do try to offer easy-to-sew patterns which are accessible to beginners in each of our ranges.

We try to help you understand the different steps in the making of your garment by giving illustrated instructions and on-line resources. Our sewing patterns cannot, however,  replace proper sewing lessons.

Many good sewing books can walk you through the art of sewing (from fabric choices to buttonhole- making techniques), and you might also have someone around who can already sew and who could show you the basics and how to work with your sewing machine. A lot of schools and groups offer sewing classes, and it takes only a few hours to feel confident enough to start your own projects !

If you have just bought your sewing machine, try it out on scraps of fabric and read the user manual. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you will improve quickly ! Technical skills are important, but being thorough and paying attention to detail will make all the difference.

Level 1 / novice


If you have never sewn a complete item of clothing,  and you are not very familiar with sewing patterns, but you know how to use a sewing machine.

Level 2 / beginner


If you have already sewn some simple garments (a top or a dress) with the help of a sewing pattern.

Level 3 / intermediary


If you have already sewn various types of garments, using sewing patterns,  some of which have complex features.

Level 4 / advanced


If you have sewn every type of garment (trousers, jackets, tops, dresses etc), using different types of fabrics (very light or very thick, stretch fabrics etc). You know how to adapt a sewing pattern to your measurements and how to apply your own finishing techniques.

Level 5 / expert


If you have mastered complex projects (a tailored jacket, or a lined coat) and you do not always need to read the directions given with a sewing pattern. You can also work without a pattern. You know how to transform and adapt a garment to your body shape, style and tastes. Maybe you even know how to cut your own patterns.