Fall - winter 2018-2019

“Écorce” (“bark” in English) is like the skin: something that protects us from the rest of the wolrd. A garment is a bark we choose to keep us protected as well as to represent who we are to the others. This winter collection questions what we wear and goes down to basics, with natural fibers only.
All fabrics used in this lookbook are ethical as far as possible. The Écorce collection has a warm and woody colour range, that evokes autumn and animal shades. The line of the garments are infused with a 70s spirit, with volume and flowing lines.

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Autumn 2017

Inspiring as well as inspired, our muse has reworked the classic masculine wardrobe (oversized blazer, classic tailoring fabrics and patterns, denim and sports-inspired ), creating a style which is full of character, producing garments designed in the Orageuse signature style: a blend of geometry, couture, urban flair, graphic lines and understated femininity.

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Winter 2017

From Riga to Berlin, walk through winter and get into spring wrapped up warmly in this wardrobe. To design these shapes, we worked by taking the movements we make to protect ourselves from cold: enfolding, tying, draping, wrapping, layering etc
In this lookbook, follow our muse on one of her habitual week days in Paris and discover our favorite spots in our neighborhood (the eleventh district where the Orageuse studio is located!).

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