ÉCORCE collection: the fabrics we used

We have chosen our fabrics very carefully for the lookbook of our new collection Écorce. They are all made of natural fibers only, and are at least organic. The idea is to show that there are more and more alternatives as environnemental consciousness spreads, and also that, having that kind of goal in mind does not mean that you have to give up on style or trend at all.

TUTO – Lining the upper part of the Acacia Jumpsuit

For a perfect finish inside the upper part of the Acacia jumpsuit, one can not simply sew the lining on the fabric (you would not be able to turn it right side out then!). The required technique is quite unusual if you have never came accross this specific issue.

TUTO – A summery version for our Paris top

Our Paris top looks very different with a few simple changes and new details: sleeveless, with a back buttoned placket and a horizontal cut that allows new possibilities… Here is how to transform your Paris pattern in a few steps!

We wrote a book!

Robes (the French word for “dresses”), is a book written by four sewing patterns designers about a very feminine theme. Every designer has drawn two totally new designs specifically for this book, and we are very glad to have been invited to participate to this great project!

Fashion revolution week 2018 – our recap

The Fashion Revolution week took place from April 23rd to 29th. On this occasion, we shared on Instagram some ideas to manage your wardrobe in a more sustainable way. Since changing our habits should be effective all year long, we have gathered our tips here (also for those who are not on Instagram!). We also added more information and sources to gather material about this very crucial matter of the more than necessary change to a more sustainable and ethic fashion.

3 Springtime outfit ideas

The Spring is soo sunny here in Paris, that we crave for light and flowy fabrics and new outfits, light as a feather and in soft shades… Here are three ideas, plus a mini tutorial at the end. Enjoy 😉

Lisboa 2.0: what’s new

Our Lisboa top and dress sewing pattern has been one of your favourites since it was released with our first collection in September 2016. Since we have improved our patterns since then (layered pdf mainly, but also lots of details such as detailed fabric supplies according to sizes and fabric widths), we plan to update little by little our oldest patterns with these new features. Given its popularity, Lisboa comes first! We also took the opportunity to make a few changes and to add one new piece as a gift!

5 little tools for better sewing

Everything is pretty and tempting in haberdasheries: when you start sewing, it is hard to decide between what is just a fancy not-that-useful tool and a tool that will prove its real worth in the long term. And when you are no longer a total beginner, you start to ask yourself how to sew faster and better, how to step up your sewing game by being more accurate. Well, one of the answers is to use the right tools. Here are some of our essentials.

Ideas for handmade Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming and so is the time when you have to find gifts ideas for your loved ones! Here are a few ideas for every budget. We wanted to promote a “slow life” spirit, with a lot of handmade gifts. We are also glad to share some blogs and designers that we particularly enjoy.

#espritOrageuse: and the winners are…

To celebrate our birthday (our eshop is 1 year old!) we launched in September the #espritOrageuse photo contest, for you to try to win nice gifts and for us to thank you for your enthousiasm and love for our sewing patterns! No more waiting: here are the winners!