Privacy and data security

Which data are we storing and what for?

1- Creating a customer account when placing an order

When you place an order, you can create a customer account. The data we collect then are the following:

Data Why do we collect it?
Fist name, last name, billing address
Creating a proper receipt for each order.
Email address
Order proceedings: sending of the links that allow you to download your patterns, sending of the receipt.
Aftersale contact (if needed).
We also use your address to send you a reminder if you left a shopping cart pending on our eshop.
Phone number
Just in case your email address would be incorrect, we need another way to get in touch with you if need be.
Your password is stored in our servers to allow your account to run properly. Only you can access your password: we can create a new one if you ask us, but we cannot see the password you chose.
Orders history
(list of products ordered, type of payment, discount code used, number of download attempts made…)
You can access all your infos by connecting to your account. An account allows you to keep a permanent access to the patterns you purchased (and to see how many downloading attempts you still have for each pattern).
On our side, we need this type of information to be able to create new links for you if you lost your access to your files and to compile statistics for internal use only.


Your bank details are not stored on our servers, at any time.

When you create a new customer account, you confirm that:

  • you are at least 16 years old
  • you agree to the way we use your data (as indicated on this page)

If you do not wish to create an account, you can order as a guest. We will still have access to the information that are absolutely necessary to deal with your order (all the information listed in the table above, except “password”). On your side, without an account, you will not have access to your orders history.

2- Subscribing to our newsletter

You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of every page of our website. Creating a customer account does not mean that you have subscribed to our newsletter, the two lists are totally distinct.

Data Why do we collect it?
Email address (mandatory)
Sending the newsletters.
We also compile statistics about the way our newsletters are read (how many are open, how many links are clicked…). These statistics are for our internal use only.
First name, last name (optional)
Personnalizing the emails we send.

Cookies and third parties

1- Cookies

Cookies used
Our website uses several types of cookies.

Functional cookies
They are necessary to the proper operation of our website. They are needed for:

  • Memorize your connexion information while you navigate our website,
  • Memorize the products placed in your shopping cart,
  • Memorize the language you chose,
  • Memorize your preferences about cookies.

Statistical analysis cookies
These cookies are placed by Google Analytics and allow us to analyse how our customers are navigating and using our website. These statistics are always anonymous. The information these cookies are gathering helps us to create clearer and better content, and to adapt our website to your habits.

Cookies administration
If you agree with our website putting statistical analysis cookies on your computer or device, just click the “I agree” button. These cookies will remain valid during one year.
If you refuse these cookies, just click the “I refuse” button, and we will not put any statistical analysis cookie on your computer.
Please note that the functional cookies will still be saved on your computer.
You can always change your settings in your browser’s menu.
You can choose options on how the cookies are managed in your browser. Here are a few user’s guide for the most common browsers:

Please note that, if you choose to block the cookies on, some functions might not work perfectly (services related to the shopping cart, languages preferences or connexion to you account).
Remember that, depending on the browser you are using, that a “private” or “do not track” mode can often be activated.

2- Third parties

When you watch a YouTube video on our blog, please note that YouTube uses its own cookies and might collect some information about your browsing.

We also use Google analytics, that collects anonymous data about our users’ behaviour (geographical localization, browser and device used, time spent on our pages…). This data is for our internal use only.

Data security

Orageuse does not and never will share or sell your personal data to a third party.The service providers (webhost, softwares needed to run the website…) that might have access to your data have no right to use them for marketing or advertising purposes.

To secure your data:

  • we have declared our customers file to the CNIL, a French organization that protects customers.
  • our pages related to your orders process are using the HTTPS protocol. This ensures our users that their connexions are processed with the highest level of security when processed by our servers.
  • we ask for complex passwords when an account is created.
  • only you can access your password: we can generate a new password if you ask us to, but we cannot see a password that you have defined.
  • if you loose your password, our reinitialization process never sends you your access information by email.
  • your bank details are never stored. Our partner for payments (Payplug) holds the certification “PCI DSS Server – Level 2”, which proves its compliance to the security standard. The “payment card industry data security standard” (PCI DSS) is a security norm for the main credit card processing companies. The purpose is to protect cards data against infractions and criminal activity. PCI DSS norm includes 12 clauses. They span many topics related to data protection. These topics noticeably include rules related to the security of the information system and the network, password management, cryptography, personal data protection, data confidentiality and data deletion after usage.
  • We use 3D-secure for payment: a second authentification is required (a code is sent to your mobile phone) to protect yourself from fraudulent use of your credit/debit card.
  • The softwares, plugins and services that we use are updated on a regular basis.
  • Our customers personal data is stored on our webhost servers. We double this back-up to save the files on another servers to make sure your data are safe at all time.

Accessing, editng and deleting your data

At any time, you can edit your personal data:

Customer account

  • By connecting to your account on our website, you can edit your name, address, email and password.
  • To delete your account, simply send an email to, we will remove your account within 48h.


Every newsletter sent has an unsubscribe link in its footer. You can also send us an email to if you want us to unsubscribe you ourselves.