CAPSUL Studio: buy custom-made Orageuse garments!

A new e-shop where you can buy unique clothes made from independant sewing patterns, and where you can even order a custom-made garment… Great news, isn’t it? We are thrilled to announce that Orageuse designs are now available at CAPSUL Studio!

What is it about?

CAPSUL Studio is a brand new eshop where certified seamstresses (who passed tests run by the Capsul team) are offering unique garments, either already sewn or that can be made to order, from existing independant French sewing patterns. These patterns are provided by partner brands, and Orageuse is one of these brands.
Please note that the website is only in French for now, but should be fully translated in a few months.

W H O    D O E S     W H A T  ?

  • The seamstress is in contact with the customer: you tell her what you want, she finds the right fabric and deals with you from the making of the garment to its shipping.
  • The CAPSUL Studio team handles the website, the recruitment of new seamstresses and all questions related to customer service.
  • The partner brands provide some of their sewing patterns but do not interfere with how garments are made. We let the seamstresses express their own style through the garments they choose to make and sell.


C A P S U L    S T U D I O’S   C L A I M S

  • A UNIQUE semi-bespoke garment
  • Edgy fashion trends, with talented independant fashion designers
  • Knowing where you garment is from and how it is made #whomademyclothes
  • A guaranteed quality and a dedicated customer service offered by CAPSUL Studio

Why we said “yes”

Every seamstress will tell you: once you start sewing, we are always asked about where this great garment comes from, or if we can create clothing for people or if we could adapt this ready-to-wear item to make it fit better… We are always delighted to be helpful, but one have to admit that sewing for others is a real job!

That is why when the CAPSUL Studio team introduced its project to us, the idea of allowing everyone, and not only dressmakers, to personnalize and wear our designs was so enthousiasting! Why has no one  thought about this before?

We also believe that the choices we make today when we buy clothes reflect a positive and strong evolution in minds: do I want to wear the same clothes as everyone? why sould not all bodyshape be able to dress as they want? who makes my clothes and how are they made? at what REAL cost?

In its own way, CAPSUL Studio offers an answer: a garment bought on their website is made in France by an independant seamstress who sets the prices herself, depending on how long it took her to sew the garment and on the prices of fabric and notions she chose. Of course, the e-shop takes a percentage (and so are the pattern brands), but, still, it is far from standardized and fast fashion, don’t you think?


V I E W    T H E    O R A G E U S E     G A R M E N T S
A L R E A D Y     A V A I L A B L E     A T     C A P S U L     S T U D I O