Lisboa 2.0: what’s new

Our Lisboa top and dress sewing pattern has been one of your favourites since it was released with our first collection in September 2016. Since we have improved our patterns since then (layered pdf mainly, but also lots of details such as detailed fabric supplies according to sizes and fabric widths), we plan to update little by little our oldest patterns with these new features. Given its popularity, Lisboa comes first! We also took the opportunity to make a few changes and to add one new piece as a gift!

New pdf features

Layers are, in our opinion, a really interesting feature for numeric sewing patterns, by offering the possibility to print only the sizes you need. Our patterns come with layers since May 2017 – here is a list to see where we are right now:

Collection Name Layers?
MUSE Prague yes
Amsterdam yes
Bristol yes
Bruges yes
BOREALIS Berlin no
Helsinki no
Riga no
Copenhague no
Lisboa yes!
Londres no
Paris yes
Rome no
Kit doublure Londres no
Kit manches Paris yes
Kit manches Rome no

Now Lisboa is part of the group! Remember that layers are available for all of our paper sizes (A0, A4 and US Letter) and that a user’s guide on how to handle pdf files is always available here.

Changes on the pattern

The BIG novelty is the addition of  three-quarter sleeves! You have now many options to create your very own Lisboa:

While we were about it, we have also reduced the armholes depth, since some of you were not convinced by the original design, not very bra-friendly. Since we designed this pattern as a very accessible and versatile product for beginners, we want it to appeal to as many people as possible. That is why we listened to you and made this small change.

Instructions update

Fabric requirements have been detailed for 3 sizes groups, depending on the options chosen (top or dress, with or without sleeves) and according to the two most common fabric width (110cm/45” and 140cm/55”). Since this new version has many options, you will find a rather big chart to help you buy the exact amount of fabric you need according to your choices.


The instructions leaflet has now two distinct sections to guide you through the cap sleeves option or the 3/4 sleeves version, and the cutting layout is of course redesigned to take the new sleeves into account.

I already have the pattern and want the new version!

Every owner of the former version will have a free access to the revised one.
Here is how to proceed:

  • You still havel some downloads available for this pattern in your customer account (go to the “downloads” section to check) ; just click on the link and you will get the new version immediatly.
  • if you no longer have downloading credits, send an email to with at least one of the following information to help us find you in our database:
    • your first and last names (same as indicated in your customer account)
    • the email address linked to your customer account
    • the order’s number of the order in which you bought the Lisboa pattern in the first place.

We will then create a new link that will be available in your account.

We hope that you will enjoy these changes and that they will inspire you to try Lisboa (or to sew it again!). Don’t forget to show us your creations with the official hashtag #orageuseLisboa !