TUTO – Lining the upper part of the Acacia Jumpsuit

For a perfect finish inside the upper part of the Acacia jumpsuit, one can not simply sew the lining on the fabric (you would not be able to turn it right side out then!). The required technique is quite unusual if you have never came accross this specific issue.

TUTO – A summery version for our Paris top

Our Paris top looks very different with a few simple changes and new details: sleeveless, with a back buttoned placket and a horizontal cut that allows new possibilities… Here is how to transform your Paris pattern in a few steps!

3 Springtime outfit ideas

The Spring is soo sunny here in Paris, that we crave for light and flowy fabrics and new outfits, light as a feather and in soft shades… Here are three ideas, plus a mini tutorial at the end. Enjoy 😉

TUTO – The tearproof tab

Several of our new patterns this season contain tearproof tabs : the Prague blouse, at the top of the center back and at the cuffs, and the Bristol dress, at the cuffs. This step requires you to be accurate and thorough, but once you get the idea, it is not that hard. Here are a few video tips to make sure you get a great result.

A cold shoulder shirt

It seems like you enjoy tutorials, so we made this little pattern making guide to modify your Rome shirt pattern into a trendy cold shoulder shirt.

TUTORIAL – Helsinki – How to drape the front of the blouse

During our pattern testing phase, our testing team stressed the fact that it was not that easy to visualize the third step of the instructions leaflet, in which we create the pleats and twist on the front of the blouse. So we have made a short video tutorial to show you how we do it !
Please note that, although the voice is in French, we have added subtitles in English.